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Springtime in Marbella

From the big headlines to the movies, Marbella’s image transcends everywhere as one of the world’s most acclaimed and exclusive summer destinations.

During June, July and August of last year, more than 246,000 visitors arrived and stayed in Marbella hotels, such as the Alanda Marbella Hotel.

However, not many people know that Marbella also offers a five-star experience during the spring season. A season just as flourishing and lively as the summer in the city, which coincides with the perfect weather for those who are not really keen on summer heat.

La Concha peak, most iconic peak of Sierra Blanca

Hiking in Marbella

The best of springtime in Marbella belongs to the eleven hiking routes in Sierra Blanca, the mountain range that can be seen from the city and its beaches.

The name of this range comes from the light-coloured rock so characteristic of its façade, crowned by the monumental peak of La Concha (1,215m above sea level).

Amidst Mediterranean forests, aromatic herbs and an average daytime temperature of 21ºC (70ºF), Alanda Marbella Hotel offers you in spring an ideal space to reconnect with yourself among chestnut trees, wild cherrys, ferns, olive trees, Spanish firs and different types of pine trees.

Holy Week in Malaga

While hiking trails can also be enjoyed throughout the rest of the year, it is only in spring when the famous Holy Week event takes place. Indeed, it is a deeply rooted Christian tradition in southern Spain.

For a whole week, usually at the beginning of April, the locals flock to the old town to pay homage to the exhibited processions and images.

In Marbella there are 16 brotherhoods that organise this type of attraction. The locals’ favourite one is the Cristo Yacente (Recumbent Christ) procession, in which a military squadron from La Legión commemorates the death of Christ in front of a moving polychrome cedar sculpture.

Detail image of the 2022 Malaga Holy Week

Costa del Sol, Costa del Golf

In Marbella you can also enjoy another type of attraction, but with a double touch of glamour glamour and sportiness. Here you can find up to 22 golf courses with different numbers of holes, making it the municipality in Spain with the highest density of these courses.

Indeed, the Costa del Sol is also known as the Costa del Golf due to the omnipresence of this sport all along the coastline, as well as due to the high quality of its infrastructure. Its courses have hosted tournaments as important as the Ryder Cup, which was held at the Real Club Valderrama de Sotogrande in 1997, or the Solheim Cup, which in September 2023 will once again bring together the world’s top women golfers at Finca Cortesín in Casares (just 30 minutes’ drive from the Alanda Marbella Hotel).

We kindly inform and help you with everything you need to enjoy one of our most iconic sports.

Aloha Golf Club in Marbella

Art in Marbella

And while beach, sun and golf form the image of Marbella, this coastal enclave also hosts an unnoticed cultural heritage from all ages. While the pools are not yet open, the museo Ralli in Marbella, which is price free, immerses you in an exclusive collection of contemporary South-American and European art, including artworks by Dalí and Henry Moore. It is one of only five Ralli Museums in the world and the only one in Europe. The museum also schedules special events such as the women’s poetic walk, which pays homage to the women artists in the collection.

The Print & Engraving Museum is another perfect option for the small drawing lovers, located in a former Renaissance hospital declared as a Cultural Interest Monument.

Beyond fine arts, Marbella is also home to archaeological relics, a symbol of its extensive history. 10 minutes’ drive from the Alanda Marbella Hotel, in San Pedro de Alcántara, visitors can explore the Roman baths of Las Bóvedasdating from the II century, or the early Christian basilica of Vega del Mar, said to be the only example in Spain with a double apse. Furthermore, if you explore the town’s coastline or walk along its promenades, you will come across some of the six watchtowers that the Romans, Arabs and Christians used for their maritime defence.

Torre de Los Ladrones

During your stay with us you can also relax on our on-site sun terrace or try the organic smoothies at Manuka, our flexitarian restaurant. Alanda Marbella Hotel embraces you within a five-star experience for the spring break, whether it’s a holiday or just a special remote working time for yourself.

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