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Enjoy nature and being outdoors in Marbella with all the comforts and conveniences that its privileged setting has to offer. Beaches, nature trails, sleep-depriving walks, marine activities, golf, and much more… Enjoy the Andalusian paradise!

To visit Marbella is to have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most charming towns at the Costa del Sol. Apart from beaches, sun, leisure and luxury yachts there are many things to see in Marbella. Tourism in Marbella has evolved in the last decade but always maintaining its essence of a traditional Andalusian village. This is the reason why you can enjoy a historic old town that still retains its Andalusian village charm, traditional bars (in contrast with modern haute cuisine and fusion) and archaeological remains that recall its Moorish past. And we forgot… natural landscapes yet to be discovered!

In this article, we want to delve into the endless number of plans and outdoor activities that we can do in Marbella (either because we are on holiday or simply because we live here). Because, without a doubt, Marbella’s paradise is much more than the celebrities and personalities you can find there.

What outdoor activities are there in Marbella?

There are many outdoor activities you can do in Andalusia’s most glamorous city

Beaches, sun… and beautiful sunrises. What more could you ask for?

The first is a must-do and, please, you must do it. We suggest you watch the sunrise from any of its marvellous beaches. Lots of beaches!

One of the best times of the day to enjoy Marbella is sunrise. Perhaps the only haven of peace in a bustling, cosmopolitan city. While some sleep and others return from a night of partying… What better time?

Another alternative, but equally valid plan is to stroll along its endless beaches. Undoubtedly, the most common plan for people who visit Marbella.

playas marbella
Playas marbella

Here is a selection of the best beaches in Marbella.

Are you looking for a healthy vacation? Then take a walk along its spectacular promenade.

In Marbella there are also plans for nature lovers. You no longer have any excuse if you are a mountain lover. If you want to walk among the greenery, the municipality of Marbella currently has more than 15 kilometres of promenade. You’ll be able to walk without stopping. However, we recommend you contemplate the beautiful scenery, listen to the murmur of the waves, the sound of the sea birds and the smell of saltpetre from the Mediterranean sea.

If you are also a bicycle lover, you are also in luck. You don’t need to be an expert. It’s all about enjoying this marvellous route as you pedal along, while the gentle sea breeze caresses your face. Oh, and you can always stop off at any of its bars for a break.

paseo maritimo marbella
Paseo maritimo marbella

Here you have the map with the route of the Paseo Marítimo that goes from Marbella to Puerto Banús.

Don’t worry, golf lovers, there’s always a game for you!

Think of the perfect conditions for playing golf: warm, sunny climate, low rainfall; gentle geography with wide open spaces facing the sea and the mountains; and numerous fully equipped courses. This is the combination you will find if you want to enjoy a wonderful golfing holiday in Marbella, as the Costa del Sol with its more than 70 courses makes this destination the leading golfing destination in Europe. Can you think of a better place than the golf courses in Marbella to practise this sport? These clubs also stand out for their luxury and comfort. What’s more, they are of the highest standard.

golf marbella
Golf marbella

If you are one of those who can’t resist, we recommend that you take a look at all the camps on offer so that you can choose, in advance, where you want to go.

What is it about Marbella and its old town that leaves everyone who goes there in awe?

Marbella’s old town is a surprising place, walking through its streets is as if you were entering a parallel world, far from the hustle and bustle of other areas in Marbella. And with a lot of history.

Marbella’s Old Town has a typically Andalusian flavour: with narrow streets and white buildings with flowers on the balconies, small shops, bars, restaurants and squares that open unexpectedly and hide statues, fountains and monuments. It may come as a surprise that a city like Marbella has managed to preserve the traces of its past, but that is how it is. In the irregularities of the old town you can immediately recognise the typical layout of the old Arab medinas, and squares that belong to the period just after the Reconquest.

If, as well as seeing the history, you want to go for tapas, it’s easy. It’s cheap and everything is delicious. As recommendations, all the bars in the streets of San Lázaro and Peral are the most authentic. The street of Pantaleón itself also has unique gastronomic places.

casco historico marbella
Casco historico marbella

We leave you, in case you want to take a look, one of the most complete gastronomic guides.

If you are passionate about the sea, Marbella is your paradise: water sports for all preferences

In addition to luxury and partying, Marbella has a great heritage of underwater fauna and flora, which is why we recommend that you immerse yourself in its aquatic world and go scuba diving. If you wish, you can enjoy diving all along the coast of Marbella up to Gibraltar.

However, it doesn’t stop there. If surfing is your thing, there are more and more paddle surfing enthusiasts every day. All you need is a good surfboard and a suitable paddle to go paddle surfing in the waters at Marbella’s coast. If you don’t come equipped, you can find shops where you can buy everything you need to practice this fun sport. The board, the paddle, the right clothing, sun cream…

If you love animals, the Costa del Sol is considered one of the places in the world where you can find the greatest variety of fish, given the warm currents of the Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar. A day’s fishing could be just the thing!

actividades acuáticas marbella
Actividades acuáticas marbella

Visit the scandalous nature reserve and get lost in the lush vegetation

Just 10 minutes from Marbella, you will find the nature reserve of Ojén where you can discover all the fauna and flora of the area in the wildest way possible but in a great 4×4 convertible. This is an ideal activity for the whole family.

It is not a zoo or a safari, but a natural wildlife refuge for conservation and environmental education purposes. As we have already mentioned, it is ideal for families with children. You can see deer, mouflons and mountain goats.

Parajes naturales marbella
Parajes naturales marbella

To find out what it is, or how to book, we leave you with its own website.

Bonus ball: where can I stay to enjoy all these outdoor plans?

Marbella has a first class hotel offer. However, it is not always easy to find the right balance between quality, price, location, comfort…

That is why, to enjoy all these plans and many more, we encourage you to enjoy and rest in our hotel. Located in the heart of the Golden Mile, one of the most exclusive areas of the city, Alanda Marbella Hotel is one of the most elegant establishments on the Costa del Sol and a reference in the South of Spain.

Less than 5 minutes from the beach, our five-star hotel offers you equal parts luxury, relaxation and comfort in our 193 high standard rooms, including three presidential rooms and a Penthouse.

marbella alanda hotel habitacion
Marbella alanda hotel habitacion

 What do we offer you in addition to a unique stay?

If you want to enjoy Marbella in all its splendour, do it with us. Because enjoying Marbella’s open air is possible. Visit our website or book your stay with us directly.

Enjoy an oasis in Marbella’s Golden Mile.

Alanda Marbella Hotel is located in the heart of the Golden Mile, one of the most exclusive areas of the city, we are one of the most elegant establishments on the Costa del Sol and a reference in the South of Spain.

Less than 5 minutes from the beach, our five star hotel offers its guests luxury, relaxation and comfort in equal parts in its 193 high standing rooms, including three presidential rooms and a Penthouse.

A friendly service and attention to the smallest details define the relationship with our guests. It is the perfect choice for a long holiday, a few days’ rest or a business meeting.

Located in an area of almost 20,000 m2, the hotel has a fabulous garden with more than 100 different species of plants and trees and a spectacular swimming pool with a beach effect, integrated in a 400 m2 solarium and surrounded by wide promenades and relaxation areas. In addition to a wide gastronomic offer including different options ranging from Mediterranean to Organic. The closest thing to a real oasis.

All under the umbrella of values that sum up the soul of our hotel project: excellence and commitment to our work, respect for our guests, honesty with our values, hospitality, sustainability and commitment to our environment.

We invite you to live an absolutely unforgettable experience in one of the most exclusive settings on the national scene. A hotel that has already become the flagship of hotel excellence in our country.  Welcome.

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