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From Marbella to the world

Marbella is located in an enclave desired by many and that enables it to offer unforgettable services and experiences. Gastronomy is part of the central focus of the city of the Costa del Sol. With thousands of options to choose from and an endless number of flavors, the offer of an internationally renowned Marbella restaurant stands out above the rest.

One of the most innovative gastronomic bets is presented by chef Dani García, who has more than ten restaurants around the world and three Michelin stars. His talent has led him to be recognized both nationally and internationally, and he is currently a benchmark in fusion cuisine.

The Spanish chef has been able to transfer Andalusian and Spanish dishes to other corners of the world, allowing him to highlight the best of traditional cuisine. Additionally, he has managed to fuse in each dish the flavors, textures and trends that he discovers in each country he visits.

The following are Chef Dani Garcia’s restaurants located in Marbella, which are just a few minutes away from the hotel, allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience on your next visit to the Costa del Sol.


11 minutes drive from the hotel

The restaurant that mentions the traditional taverns and kitchens of Andalusia offers the taste of southern Spain to the world. Specially focused on the local public so that they can savor dishes of a lifetime and with memories of home.

Adding avant-garde and modern cuisine to traditional Andalusian food, with the Mediterranean diet as a flag, make Tragabuches the perfect choice for the typical tapas.

They also have an enviable wine cellar with high-end and very Spanish wines that make lunch or dinner a unique experience.


3 minute walk from the hotel

The Dani Garcia Group’s steakhouse is a favorite choice for carnivores. carnivores. Meat with supreme quality and local and international combinations make Leña a place worth visiting. It is located in the area of Puente Romano, where you can enjoy a great atmosphere throughout the year.

An innovative restaurant that takes care of every detail, especially the product, cooked and served with care to collect an international atmosphere with local products of the highest quality and unparalleled taste.


12 minutes walk from the hotel – 5 minutes by car.

The most Mediterranean restaurant of the group. Marbella has a coastline just a few kilometers from the Strait of Gibraltar, focused on fishing and high quality raw material. It is not possible to spend a day in Marbella without trying its specialty, the cuisine of the sea.

Lobito de Mar is a combination of elegance and proximity, located in the Golden Mile and standing out from the rest. It offers a Mediterranean product for the world, with a global vision in fish and seafood.

Without forgetting the roots of local and Andalusian gastronomy, they have been able to innovate and bring the taste of the sea to all their dishes in a different way.


3 minute walk from the hotel

The group’s Japanese restaurant brings a combination of flavors of traditional Japanese cuisine and Mediterranean diet. Focused as the traditional taverns of Japan, with personalized attention from the chef and offering seasonal and high quality products.

They have managed to bring part of Japan to Marbella, not only in the kitchen, but also in the restaurant itself.

It is undoubtedly the favorite choice for those more daring diners with a taste for oriental cuisine, with new and traditional flavors, it is an experience for all five senses.


3 minute walk from the hotel

With this restaurant, Dani Garcia has evoked French gastronomy in the best of ways. Being aware of his beginnings as a chef and innovating on his first recipes.

At Babette, the elegance and colors of all the dishes stand out, with a wide range of dishes that nobody dislikes. The experience takes the diner to any street in Paris while maintaining the elegance and being faithful to the most authentic and traditional flavors of French cuisine.

It is located in Puente Romano, which invites you to enjoy an excellent meal with a unique atmosphere in Marbella.


3 minute walk from the hotel

The Italian restaurant par excellence. Traditional flavors of the deepest Italy, with aromas of the Mediterranean and Tuscany. Undoubtedly it is a menu that surprises for its variety.

The restaurant is designed to feel the aromas of Italy, full of lemon trees and under the Mediterranean sun that pushes to an unparalleled summer break, accompanied by its rosé wines or rich desserts to finish with a quality coffee.

Alelí is the perfect option to taste a little piece of Italy in Marbella, with products 100% of the country, brought from the best suppliers and qualities. It is not just another Italian restaurant, it is the direct way to Italy for its freshness and quality in its products and the most authentic flavor.


3 minute walk from the hotel

Dani García has wanted to innovate and give a twist to its offer and to the food at home with La Gran Familia Mediterránea.

This is the best option to enjoy an excellent meal from the comfort of your home. This offer highlights the presentation of its home-delivered dishes, paying attention to every detail so that the food arrives in perfect condition, maintaining the characteristic quality of the Dani García Group.

An extensive menu that covers all the group’s restaurants and offers users the possibility of tasting dishes from each of them at home.

Marbella offers, with the help of the Dani García Group, diversity in its gastronomy without forgetting its identity and combining local flavors with more international offers, for all tastes and audiences.

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