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With each passing year, the good weather stays with us more and more. This is a great opportunity to play golf while taking advantage of the sun that nature offers us. And, without a doubt, the best place to do it is Marbella.

If you play golf on a regular basis, you will know that playing golf in the winter is not the same as playing golf in the summer. In fact, playing a game in the middle of summer can be very different to a game in winter. Now that we are still enjoying some excellent weather, we want to tell you how this good weather can help improve your golf in Marbella.

Why play golf in good weather, and in Marbella?

Golfers playing in Northern Europe are more than used to very different temperatures on the course throughout the year. However, for those who play golf in Marbella, it’s a different story. With 320 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature that rarely dips below 14 degrees Celsius or rises above 30, the town offers ideal conditions for golf.

According to experts, the ideal temperature for golf is between 21 and 32 degrees. This is why golf lovers come to Marbella to enjoy perfect playing conditions. Our recommendation is that you come with us.

The ball, better in good weather

Warmer, drier conditions make the golf ball go further. So if you visit our golf courses in summer, you’ll get more out of your swing. Some experts estimate that the difference is as much as two metres for every ten degrees. So, if it’s 30 degrees at your favourite Marbella golf course, your shot is likely to fly two metres further than it would at 20 degrees. You didn’t know that, did you?

However, don’t forget to take into account the wind, one of the most complicated weather aspects for golfers. If it’s windy, your shot won’t necessarily go further even in summer.

golf sol marbella

Roll and roll without limits

Drier conditions also cause the ball to roll further when it hits the ground. A few extra inches can mean avoiding that bunker or getting a little closer to the hole. Compared to winter when the ground is usually wetter and fluffier, summer conditions can be a real advantage when it comes to your card.

The comfort of good weather is unparalleled

Golf clothing also affects your game in good weather. In warmer temperatures, you’ll be wearing light clothing that won’t impede your swing.

Tips we give you for playing golf in fine weather


To play golf in good weather, it is particularly important to choose the right time to play. The ideal time is early in the morning or in the evening. Always try to avoid the hours between midday and five in the afternoon as these are the hottest times of the day.

Sun protection

It is very important to use a solar cream that is suitable for each person’s skin.

Cap and sunglasses

A cap or visor is an essential accessory for enjoying golf in good weather as it will help protect your head and face while enjoying golf outdoors.

Eye health should also be taken care of when playing sport. It is necessary to wear special sunglasses for golf because, as optical specialists indicate, their use has two advantages: the glasses protect the eye from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and they are also made of indestructible materials that protect against impacts.


The use of a golf umbrella with UV protection (50+) as an umbrella is also relevant. This is an item that is increasingly used by golfers.

Clothing and hydration

The ideal way to play golf in summer is to wear light, breathable and light-coloured clothing, which will always keep you cooler. It is also advisable to wear clothing with sun protection, a new technology that is already incorporated in many technical clothing.

Regarding hydration, although playing golf does not involve excessive effort, it is very important to drink water or soft drinks during the day. It is also a good idea to have a snack to get your strength back and to eat light, fresh meals to make digestion easier.

golf sol marbella

Ideal for the whole family!

Playing any kind of sport as a family has many advantages for parents and children. If you are looking for family activities for the next holidays, golf is an ideal sport, as practising it strengthens emotional bonds and improves family ties. Other great advantages of golf for children and adults are the increase in self-esteem, the desire to excel and the improvement of social skills, especially in the case of children. In addition, the practice of sport instils a healthy lifestyle in children, avoiding the risk of sedentary lifestyles.

Another of the main benefits that golf can bring to your children is respect for nature, as this sport takes place in a natural and open space. Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that playing golf improves children’s concentration and development. The attention required for each stroke forces the players to abstract themselves from everything around them.

In addition, playing golf improves patience and reinforces the ability to make decisions, as each shot is the result of a conscious decision. Nothing in golf is the result of chance! Other physical benefits of playing golf include mental and physical relaxation, improved flexibility and motor coordination for both children and adults. For all these reasons, golf is one of the best sports for the whole family.

Our proposal is clear: come to Marbella

The privileged location of the Alanda Hotel Marbella, in the heart of the “Golden Mile” allows our guests to practice their favourite sport at the main golf courses on the Costa del Sol.

Golfers can choose from a wide variety of golf packages and benefit from green fees at special prices at a dozen golf courses in the area.

Book your green here!

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If you want to enjoy the best golf and the best weather, visit our website or book your stay directly with us.

Enjoy an oasis on Marbella’s Golden Mile.

Alanda Marbella Hotel is located in the heart of the Golden Mile, one of the most exclusive areas of the city, we are one of the most elegant establishments on the Costa del Sol and a reference in the South of Spain.

Less than 5 minutes from the beach, our five star hotel offers its guests luxury, relaxation and comfort in equal parts in its 193 high standing rooms, including three presidential rooms and a Penthouse.

A friendly service and attention to the smallest details define the relationship with our guests. It is the perfect choice for a long holiday, a few days’ rest or a business meeting.

Located in an area of almost 20,000 m2, the hotel has a fabulous garden with more than 100 different species of plants and trees and a spectacular swimming pool with a beach effect, integrated in a 400 m2 solarium and surrounded by wide promenades and relaxation areas. In addition to a wide gastronomic offer including different options ranging from Mediterranean to Organic. The closest thing to a real oasis.

All under the umbrella of values that sum up the soul of our hotel project: excellence and commitment to our work, respect for our guests, honesty with our values, hospitality, sustainability and commitment to our environment.

We invite you to live an absolutely unforgettable experience in one of the most exclusive settings on the national scene. A hotel that has already become the flagship of hotel excellence in our country.  Welcome.

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